Homo Virido

Homo Virido is a project created by me in early 2019. It is a place to share my thoughts, ideas and illustration about living more sustainable.

After switching to living vegan, I got more and more into sustainability – it just clicked.  Now I am spending a lot of my free time thinking about eco friendly ways of living, trying out new things, researching, reading, cooking new meals, making my own products and so on, so I thought why not sharing my ideas? I decided to get active and came up with Homo Virido – virido is Latin for becoming green.

I am excited to share my thoughts and to exchange with others because together we can make a change! For our planet, for us and our future 💚

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Homo Virido Zero Waste Period Menstrual Cup Cloth Pad
Homo Virido Grandma's Advice
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