Homo Virido

Homo Virido is a project created by me in early 2019. It is a place to share my thoughts, ideas and illustration about living more sustainable.

After switching to living vegan, I got more and more into sustainability. I realized that we are facing a climate catastrophe if humanity keeps on living like the last decades and that something needs to be done. I wanted to spread the information about climate change and wanted to get active, so I can reach as many people as possible.  I asked myself, what can I do as an illustrator to make a difference?  That’s how I came up with Homo Virido, an instagram channel about sustainable living. Homo Virido means human becoming green.

I am excited to share my thoughts and to exchange with others because together we can make a change! For our planet, for us and our future 💚

ecofriendly kitchen homo virido
microplastics homo virido
diy conditioner homo virido
food waste homo virido
Homo Virido Vegan Protein Sources
Homo Virido Unpacked Veggies
vegan baking homo virido
Homo Virido Flying CO2 Emissions
the importance of insects
no future on a dead planet homo virido

Check out my instagram channel Homo Virido for more illustrations!

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