Farbenkind Portrait

Hi, I am Petra Holländer, an illustrator from Vienna/Austria & the creative mind behind Farbenkind!

Here are 9 true facts about me:

farbenkind_urge to create

I have always had an urge to create

Whether it was scribbling as a kid, window colour, making jewellery, working with iron-on beads or polymer clay, photography, sewing or drawing – I have tried a lot of things and I simply love to create!


I am a huge fan of flea markets, second hand and old stuff

One of my favourite things is the old lamp I got from my parents. It is actually the lamp my grandmother bought when she moved to her first flat. 


Living a healthy and sustainable life is very important for me

and I am constantly working on getting better at it – doing sports on a regular basis is still something I struggle with sometimes. Living sustainable also isn’t something that happens from one day to another, but I truly believe that everyone can change something and every step matters!


I cut my bangs on my own

They grow fast, so it is much cheaper to cut them on my own. 


I got a Bachelor's degree in educational sciences

Yes, it took me quite some time to find out what I really want to do in life. But that’s ok – it’s never too late to do what you love!

farbenkind plants

I am a nature lover and plant enthusiast

I love being outside, being surrounded by nature. And I have over 30 plants at my flat because plants are just so awesome and beautiful.

farbenkind to do list

I write way too many to do lists

I use to do lists and sticky notes for everything, for daily things, for long term projects, as a reminder, for grocery shopping. Writing down the things in my head really helps me, so I don’t have to think about them the whole time.

farbenkind stickers street art

I love discovering street art and stickers

It’s so much fun to keep your eyes open for hidden stickers and street art while walking through the city! I love stickers in general – I collect them and create some by myself too.

farbenkind left handed

I am left handed

… and I like to complain about things which are made for right handed people.

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